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Insight - Issue #124


Shattering the myth STREAMLINING TRAVEL COSTS IN 2016

The beginning of the year is the best time for businesses to deliberate on the single most important aspect of business – The Bottom Line! Considering the significant impact of business travel expenses on bottom lines and with travel managers putting their weight behind streamlining travel costs, UNIGLOBE experts recommend a travel cost-containment plan for businesses, as we enter 2016.

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As businesses across industries compete neck to neck for the attention of the most happening generation of their times, the millennials, the hotel industry is not far behind. From fancy gyms, fusion food, night clubs, communal spaces within the hotel to bright red colours and simple architecture, hotels are stopping at nothing when it comes to wooing this growing section of young, demanding and dynamic travelers. Let’s take a closer look at the trend with our UNIGLOBE experts.

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Shattering the myth BEST TRAVEL APPS FOR 2016

In the era of travel, where boundaries between the real and the virtual worlds are fast fading, and our reliance on smart mobile devices is rapidly growing, UNIGLOBE experts share a definitive list of 5 travel apps to look out for in 2016. Tech savvy business travellers, read on and get downloading!

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The technology, choice and process for ordering your meals on your day of travel is changing. And unlike many of the airline and airport experience changes over the past 10 years, this one is definitely for the better. Read on as our UNIGLOBE experts take you through what’s new with the meals.

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