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Insight - Issue #122


Shattering the myth Know the fine print in air travel

Even as the frequency of both domestic and international air travel for business continues to spike, knowledge about certain aspects of air travel bookings still eludes many a business traveler. Since it’s always good to know the fine print of things, we get our UNIGLOBE experts to throw light on some of these lesser known aspects of air travel bookings.

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Deadly hookAre you plastic wise?

There is no denying the benefits of using credit cards during foreign business trips. Besides saving you the hassle of juggling with cash, it gives you a paper trail, making the process of filing an expense claim at the end of your trip far simpler. However, in this article, instead of harping on its benefits, our UNIGLOBE experts shed light on the factors to heed when using your plastic abroad.

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Dealing with delaysTech-savvy business travelers…we’ve got you covered!

Technology has transformed the face of business travel. It has seeded the emergence of a new league of digitally evolved business travelers. The growing expectations of this rapidly inflating section of travelers are paving way for new industry trends. Read on as our UNIGLOBE experts take you through key expectations of the contemporary business traveler redefining the dynamics of business travel.

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