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Insight - Issue #116


Shattering the mythTop 5 trends in travel buying for 2015

As we put 2014 in our rearview, travel procurement behavior and the ever-changing complexities of the airline industry are already beginning to give shape to an interesting year ahead. In this story, UNIGLOBE experts reveal 5 smart trends in travel buying that are most likely to deliver time and money savings for corporations.

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Deadly hook5 Steps to Plan a Safe International Business Trip in 2015

Over the course of a career, many travellers have become comfortable with routine air travel but, as businesses go global, the need to hop a plane for a 12 or 24-hour international flight is more common.. As professionals head overseas they can have safety concerns, usually based on information they’ve seen in the news. It is possible to safely conduct business in all corners of the world, as long as you are informed before booking a trip & include these 5 steps in your travel planning.

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Dealing with delays5 Apps to Save You Time, Money and Energy in 2015

With Trip Advisor reporting that 128 million people downloaded its various mobile apps in the second quarter of 2014 at a rate of 28 downloads a minute, travelers seem to be relying more and more on mobile devices to plan, guide and organize their travel. To help our tech savvy travellers, UNIGLOBE experts share carefully selected 5 smart mobile apps to look out for in 2015. Check out these 5 apps to save time, money and energy on your next business trip:

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