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Insight - Issue #115


Shattering the mythThe myth of buying power in business travel

In most other businesses, going to the biggest supplier of the product you want to buy can fetch you deeper discounts, because they have the biggest buying power with the suppliers of the raw materials they need. But does this theory stand true when it comes to buying travel? UNIGLOBE experts bust the myth.

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Deadly hookThe deadly hook

Spamming & phishing is a global concern and business travellers in particular may be more vulnerable than most. Due to the serious damage phishing can cause, UNIGLOBE experts share some smart tips for safe travel & safe travel buying.

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Dealing with delaysDealing with delays

Flight delays happen but knowing your rights and options is the key to manage this stressful situation efficiently. Delays can occur due to weather conditions or some mechanical issue. UNIGLOBE experts add to your knowledge the ways that can help you manage delays proficiently.

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