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Insight - Issue #114

Seat PitchHave you considered your seat pitch, yet?

In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts talk about how frequent travelers are increasingly basing their seat preference on ‘seat pitch’ – the more the seat pitch size, the better it is. In this quest for size, savvy travelers give high priority to the seat pitch before selecting a seat. You might even say it’s their mantra for staying productive on the road! Have you considered your seat pitch, yet?

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Creating travel KarmaCreating travel Karma
You’ve probably read recently about passengers having disputes over reclining their seats. Some of the incidents even forced flights to land. A plane having to land unexpectedly is a headache for everyone: it costs the airline thousands of dollars and causes passengers inconvenient delays in their travels.

As this has turned into such a hot topic of debate, UNIGLOBE experts answer some pertinent questions on airplane etiquette.

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Photo memoriesAdd power to your photo memories

Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of sorting through your hundreds of photos? Do they sit on your camera for weeks or months because you never get around to uploading, tagging and sorting them? UNIGLOBE Experts have researched a product that can simplify this job for you.

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