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Insight - Issue #113

UNIGLOBE Travel professionals Race For Success

Goa, 15-17 August: Over 250 UNIGLOBE professionals joined leading travel suppliers in Goa for education and recognition of top performers in client service. Travelers will now benefit from exclusive "insider knowledge" of travel products and tools and enhanced "job-specific" skills that result in superior service capabilities.

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Roaming abroad the smart way

Planning to use your phone on your trip abroad? If you can't stay away from it for the duration of your trip, you may be concerned about being hit with a massive bill on your return - and rightly so. With a little planning, however, you can stay in touch and be on top of your budget. UNIGLOBE Experts walk you through some simple ways to do just that, from the most obvious to more creative (and cheaper) solutions.

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The lowdown on frequent flier miles

Frequent flyer programs can offer great rewards but, unfortunately, it can be difficult to know which program to choose and how to use it to the best advantage. In this Q&A article, UNIGLOBE Experts provide the inside scoop on which mileage program to join and how to earn and redeem miles effectively.

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