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Insight - Issue #112

UNIGLOBE announces enhanced flight research tool

Keeping pace with business travelers who seek fast & easy access to flight information, UNIGLOBE presents an all-new, revamped online tool for researching flights and planning trips. With improved functionality and a great, easy-to-use interface, travelers can quickly look up flight schedules and book flights online.

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Are you drowning in travel data but starved for information?

As companies scour the reviving economy for growth opportunities, business travel is increasing. Set against this backdrop CFO’s are again turning their attention to the costs of travel procurement. Knowing that “if you can measure it, you can manage it” C-level executives are again asking the question “ How can we track and better control travel spend? UNIGLOBE experts provide the answers.

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Traveling to USA? TSA Bans Dead Phones From Flying

Air passengers heading to the United States are to be subject to new security checks that could cause delays if their electronic device has a dead battery. UNIGLOBE experts look inside the news…

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