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Insight - Issue #109

The “cheap airfare” reality or myth…

When it comes to planning a trip, there are many theories about how to get the best deal on flights. Some think it is better to book early, others to book late and then there’s the question of which website to use to find the cheapest prices - or whether to go online at all. UNIGLOBE Experts share the “inside” story about airfares and expose some common myths to help you with YOUR research on airfares.

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Money matters in 2014

All types of organizations can save on their business travel spend. From everyday flight or hotel bookings to global events involving hundreds of people, a smart approach can save you money, time and hassle. As you look forward to the next financial year, our experts talk about what it takes to build your future corporate travel savings plan.

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Where will you go this summer?

It's almost summer time and you are all set to take a vacation. There's a plethora of vacation offers out there and each one promising to be a great fit for you. Which one will you pick? In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts present an alternate view on the choices you can make to have a great vacation. As you'll discover, a great vacation starts with the perfect ingredient in mind - you!

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The race is on!

UNIGLOBE recently announced that its 9th Annual Regional Conference would be held in Goa in August, this year. Themed as “Racing for success” this event will attract over 250 UNIGLOBE Travel professionals and leading suppliers for recognition of top performers, exclusive insider knowledge of upcoming travel products, new client service tools and techniques.

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