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Insight - Issue #108


Have you met a true travel professional lately?

It wasn’t that long ago that using a travel agent to research and book a business or leisure trip was the only way to go. Today, with everyone participating directly in the travel buying experience, true travel professionals have evolved to a new and more challenging role – that of a professional buying consultant. UNIGLOBE experts talk about the role of a travel professional in these evolving times and the 7 distinct ways you stand to benefit by using their services – both online and offline!

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The curious case of the airline seat

Flying in comfort ranks high up on your list of priorities as a traveler. Even a short flight can be a better experience if your seat assignment suits your requirements. In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts talk about setting up your preferences and making choices at the right time to increase your chances of getting the seat you want and sometimes not having to pay extra to get it!

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Quality matters

Progressive Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are increasingly turning to their clients to gauge the quality of their service and to understand what their clients might expect of them in the future. It’s a significant shift to a more participative process about knowing what clients truly value. In this story UNIGLOBE experts talk about how they are actively seeking out client insights and service opinions.

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Lounge on priority

A long flight layover doesn’t have to mean disrupting your work schedule. Thanks to increasingly popular airport lounges, business travelers can still get down to business en route. UNIGLOBE experts evaluate the benefits and discuss affordable ways to get access to some of the best lounges across airports worldwide.

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