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Insight - Issue #106

The Multi-tasking Hero of Business Travel

Have you met a hero lately? So, what distinguishes a hero from the rest? Heroes don’t wait for opportunities, but actively seek to act on their values. This December, UNIGLOBE Experts talk about a lesser-known champion in business travel – a hero that goes about doing important detail work behind the scenes – dedicated to the cause of saving you and your company, time and, money while still enhancing traveler comfort.
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How to plan the perfect trip – tackling the travel research

You’re an expert business traveller and know your way around the travel industry pretty well. Now it’s time for a little R&R, a well-deserved vacation – it’s time to play! Several tourist brochures surround you on the couch. A Lonely Planet guide sits beside you on the desk. You’ve got multiple browsers open on your laptop with a flurry of scribbles on your notepad.
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How to Select the Perfect Venue for Your Business Event

Do you have a corporate or business event coming up? With companies doing business with firms in India and abroad, it’s not a big surprise that the need for business events for networking, collaboration, education or even awards and recognition is a fast growing one. Hotels with designated event areas, on-site accommodation and a range of seating capacities are an excellent and the most popular option.
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A Tool That Saves the Day for Travel Coordinators

Depending upon how your travel program is setup, you could be the designated person for arranging travel solutions for all travelers in your company. If you are one such coordinator, then you know that getting relevant flight options several times a day, for multiple travelers can leave you time starved. In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts talk about a tool that saves you valuable time for flight research, booking and lets you do much more!
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