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Insight - Issue #105

The next BIG LEAP in travel

As companies look for improved ways to control travel costs, UNIGLOBE Travel experts talk about the next BIG trend in cost containment - automated pre-trip authorization and how it’s helping companies crack down on policy violations.

Fast-forward to 2014. The rupee is still in the doldrums; the world economy is in a fragile state overall, and demand to ensure employees are traveling with good reason and within policy is on the rise. Read more »

The Great Divide in Researching Travel

Did you know that our dependency on websites as an information tool, as the “go-to “source for the details we need before making any major purchase, sometimes make us less informed as consumers than we were before the Internet existed? UNIGLOBE Travel experts reveal that the ease and convenience of shopping for flights, hotels, rental cars and other travel products online actually masks a few crucial, ongoing truths. Read more »

Welcome to Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport

London, Paris, New York or Sydney, you travel the world for business. UNIGLOBE Experts help you navigate some well-known airports around the world by compiling information about airport-city connectivity, dining & relaxation ideas and ‘on the go’ tips about traveler facilities available at the airport that include Wi-Fi connectivity and more. Featured this month is Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. Read more »

How to Protect Your Business and Personal Data While Traveling

From coffee shops to planes, trains, and cruise ships, we’ve become accustomed to having ready access to the Internet just about anywhere using our smartphones. For most of us, our lives revolve around our phones with hundreds of business emails per day, contacts, browsing, social networking and what not. With all this power quite literally in your palms, it’s easy to forget how vulnerable this makes us to security threats. UNIGLOBE experts talk about a few tips that safeguard your smartphone while on the go. Read more »