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Insight - Issue #103


It could be the one beside the parent with the colicky baby, or in front of the toddler who enjoys kicking your seatback. It could be the one between two families both travelling with overexcited pre-schoolers, or the one near the sleepy newborn who suddenly wakes up with a vengeance. Wherever your seat is located, and for whatever reason, you know the instant you sit down that it?s not your lucky day. Read more »


travel compliance Not enough legroom. People climbing over you. Noise from movies and video games and screaming children. Sunlight pouring in your neighbor's window at 35,000 feet. With all the distractions and hassles of air travel, what doesn't make it tough to sleep on planes?

If you struggle to get some shuteye each time you take to the air, you're not alone -- but choosing the right seat, bringing the right gear and making a few small changes in your flying habits could help you sleep better on your next flight. Read more »

Gear up to be a true road warrior

Making a business trip success involves a number of factors, including ensuring you are well-rested and on your game, protecting and transporting your belongings safely, keeping up with work and office events during your absence, and making every part of your business trip efficient and cost-effective. Following is a selection of items and services that are often considered must haves for the business traveller, along with some guidelines as to what to look for. Read more »

Gadget Lab: iPad, your true travel companion

The iPad is an almost perfect travel computer. It's easy to carry, works as a guide, a map, a book and it's crazy-long battery life will let you sit back and watch another movie while your laptop-toting companions search for a power outlet. But as convenient as it is, a little preparation will make things even smoother. Here are some things you should do before Read more »