UNIGLOBE for travelers

As a traveler, you’ll always benefit from best-in-class services including 24/7 support, automated handling of travel preferences and efficient processing of the most complex transactions. Find your local UNIGLOBE office »

Automated quality control

Your reservation is sent through a multi-point quality control tool to ensure accuracy, travel policy adherence and accurate reporting. We also ensure all applicable loyalty programs and frequent flyer numbers are applied to your bookings, and, notify you automatically when an air credit is available for use, saving you money.

Automated profiling

We’ll automatically access your seat and meal preferences and deliver vital alerts regarding your travel documents for that “no-surprises” experience. With our automatic seat finder, we’ll also check for your preferred seating until time of departure - improving your existing seat assignment!

Dedicated Account Support

We are a team of professionals and each member of the team is dedicated to providing the very best in service and solutions. From trip planning, to destination information, our travel experts are your reliable resource for advice and solutions that meet your distinct needs.

24/7 trip support

You can relax knowing you always have immediate access to help should an emergency arise or you need to make a last minute change in your travel plans. Our UNIGLOBE 7*24 Rescue Line offers prompt, efficient service day or night and is accessible anywhere in the world.